If you’ve been injured in an auto collision, you should consider hiring a lawyer with experience handling these claims. The other driver’s insurance company will begin their investigation immediately. You need be sure that you have someone watching out for you. Securing evidence that can be secured, talking to witnesses; the insurance company will be doing these things, you need someone doing it too.

Whether the wreck was caused by a drunk driver, a distracted driver, or someone not paying attention to the road, we will handle your case with individual attention and care. Tractor-Trailer wrecks, commercial vehicle collisions, multi-car pile ups or any other type of wreck that was not your fault, you need experienced counsel to help you through the maze of the post collision aftermath.

Medical providers have been put under the gun by the insurance industry, and often times are not sure how to handle the billing on your claim. Almost all government and many private health insurance plans will assert a right to be paid back from the proceeds of your claim. You may need advice on how to handle these and the myriad issues that arise when you have been injured. Talking to an experienced lawyer can answer many of the questions you have throughout the process of putting your life back together.

If you don’t call Larson Law, PLLC, please consult with another lawyer as soon as possible after someone’s bad driving has injured you.